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Maragas Winery is located in a beautiful area of Central Oregon at 15523 SW Hwy 97, Culver, Oregon. Couched between the beautiful rock formations of Smith Rock and seven peaks of the majestic Cascade Mountains, our visitors relax on our patio and lawn and soak up our views. Established in 1999, Maragas Winery is the founding winery and vineyard of Central Oregon.
​The microclimate at our Vineyard is suitable for several different European varietals. The first block planted of our Estate vineyard, Sam’s block, named after the daughter of the founders Doug and Gina Maragas ,was an experimental block. It’s been producing the grapes for two Maragas wines for several years now – Blanco, a dry white blend, and Tootsie, a spicy desert wine.

Winemaking techniques have been handed down through many generations within the Maragas family. Family winemaking began in Greece centuries ago and continued to America in 1941. The winemaking tradition was taught at an early age to Doug Maragas by his grandmother, Anna. These old-world techniques have been a hallmark of Doug’s style in his own winery since its beginning in 1999.

The vines from our vineyards are grown organically and as sustainably as possible. Maragas Winery holds that following natural techniques that have been honed in Europe many years ago still hold true today to make the best wines. Our red wines are not filtered or fined. Currently three of our wines are made from our own grapes: Blanco, Tootsie, and Legal Zin. This will continue to grow as more of our estate vineyard matures.

We invite you to join us in our love for grape and wine.

Doug Sampling Barrel