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Welcome to Left Coast

Family-owned and operated, Left Coast Estate is guided by two essential principles: a passion for winemaking and a deep connection to the land where we live and farm. Founded in 2003, we completed the initial phase of the winery just in time for the inaugural 2004 vintage of our label bearing a Lewis and Clark map to illustrate our special place in the world. We are in the middle of the Willamette Valley, just 37 miles from the Pacific Ocean with the immense, cooling benefit of the Van Duzer Corridor running through the property.


In the seventeen years since our beginnings, we have gone from a grape growing operation with long term contracts with fellow Oregon producers, a wonderful opportunity to establish the high quality of our fruit, to an all-Estate commitment. We farm nearly 160 acres of vines on our 500 acre Estate, largely sedimentary soil laid down by the Missoula floods and some volcanic soil as well. We grow and meticulously tend our vines and grapes, handcraft our wines and bottle them on site, a fusion of art and science, most certainly a labor of love.


The gardens help contribute to a sustainable ecosystem and enhance the beauty of the estate. The gardens have continuously evolved with the estate, growing and adapting to their surroundings. The symbiotic relationship between the gardens and the estate are a defining aspect of a visit to Left Coast Estate. Cali, the family’s daughter, is a landscape architect and designed a trail system through our 40 acre woodlot that serves as our primary ecological compensation area. She and her father will continue to develop the interface between the landscape and the vegetation.

Estate Honey

Left Coast is home to 8 different hives of honey bees. Each hive is contained in several supers.

A honey super consists of a box in which 8-10 frames are hung. Honey bees collect nectar and store the processed nectar in honeycomb, which they build on the frames. When the honeycomb is full, the bees will cap the comb with beeswax.

Every fall we will take the full honey supers and extract the honey. In 2012 we yielded nearly 100 pounds of honey. The honey is then bottled in mason jars, sometimes with honeycomb.

From there it is sent to the winery to be used in our Queen Bee Bubbly. The honey processing gear is left outside as the bees will salvage all unused honey and wax. Taking it back to the hive one mouthful at at a time.

Left Coast Family