Art and Music


A sneak preview of a couple pieces of art donated by artists from the
Artist’ Gallery Sunriver.

Cheryl Chapman Appetizer Tray

Cheryl Chapman
Appetizer Tray
6″ x 16″, Glass

Jesica Carleton Sunriver Sunset

Jesica Carleton
Sunriver Sunset
8″x 10″

Carolyn Waissman, “Oaks and Vines”

Carolyn Waissman
“Oaks and Vines”

18″ x 26″ Framed Giclée Canvas Photograph

Since art and wine pair well, artists from the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver will be providing live demonstrations at the live event on Saturday, May 20, creating an opportunity for a personal encounter with local artists who have created special pieces just for this event.


Music throughout the Live Event will be provided by musical artist Wil Kinky.

Wil Kinky